Combing state-of-the-art technology, data & complex regulatory processes, TradePhlo makes it easy to manage all your customs and trade-related activities under a single, intuitive platform.

what is tradephlo?

A unique cloud-based international trade management and customs declarations platform featuring a range of solutions to give businesses complete control over their trade, customs and compliance management procedures, making it easier, cheaper and faster for SME international traders to manage their customs requirements.

phlo is perfect for:

– UK business owners struggling to align with new & complex Brexit trade rules.

– Companies looking for an all in one tool to manage their entire trade process.

– International organisations looking to trade with UK based businesses.

core Features

Customs Management

Denied Party Screening

Integration & Automation

Government Connectivity

Customs Validations

Global Trade Intelligence



Powerful modular exibility

Unlock the value of data from sourcing to trading, risks and compliance by building functional modules as your business grows. TRADE PHLO is built for maximum flexibility and scalability.

Automated Compliance

Improve trade management and reduce compliance risks by automating processes and creating cohesive, scalable systems that are exible and always be up to date with country specic legal and compliance requirements.

Streamline your supply

Get an intelligent end-to-end visibility of all your business-critical partners internationally, on a trusted source of partner information to manage and analyse trade and compliance-critical data and effectively manage supply chains.

Integrate data and systems Clear boarders faster & cheaper

Open APIs enable exchange of external data from ERP and other systems and sources throughout the value chain, enabling better, faster decision making.

Automated Compliance

Perform on demand analysis using trusted data with intuitive dashboards, drill downs, visualisations and embedded machine learning algorithms for consolidated, real-time overview across all operations.

Clear boarders faster & cheaper

Eliminates expensive and error-prone manual tasks and accelerates compliance, global trade, and customs operations with electric data that is easy to exchange, eliminates errors and reduces risks and costs.