finphlo for lenders

A tool designed specifically for banking institutions and alternative funds, to support the monitoring of transactions, data capture and the management of risk.

Our mission

Within banking institutions and alternative finance funds, the Middle Office is a core function that supports monitoring of transactions and risk management. Through extensive research, we have found that many lenders are currently managing their transactional financing positions on outdated methods such as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.

We designed Phlo with the middle office team in mind, to help accommodate specifically to their needs and to optimise their process.

core Features

check requests against your own conditions

cross check data across existing controls

Approve/reject borrower requests

analyse risk exposures by any configuration

MONITOR TRANSACTIONS at each stage of financing

Receive direct confirmation from third relevant


Key benefits


Reduce inefficiencies

Automate complex processes to help free up additional time for staff to focus on risk assessments for each transaction



Increased data capture to help aid better strategic and regulatory considerations.


Built to support scale

Designed to fit organisations of all shapes and sizes to accommodate for their growth and expansion strategies.

Real Time Tracking

Monitor transactions at every stage to keep up to date with each lending flow.


Greater transparency

Readily available information and improved transparency through third-party verification.

greater accuracy

Remove the risk of inaccuracies caused by manual data input, providing

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