finphlo for borrowers

Designed to help you optimise and organise your business profile to improve your chances of getting funded.

finphlo for borrowers

Current Trade Finance processes makes it dicult for small lenders to participate despite its attractiveness (modest returns at less that 0.8% default rate)

With help of emerging technologies, we have developed FinPhlo; the world’s first digital Trade Finance software enabling SMEs to receive and manage finance from lenders including non-banks

core Features


organise your documents to present to lenders

compare different lenders and their terms

real time reporting with a 1-click pdf export

integrate with your existing accounting software

cloud base software available on any device

get ready for funding

Key benefits

greater organisation

Consolidate all the necessary documentation you need within one easy to use platform.

Greater funding opportunities

Allign your organisation with the needs of the lenders and what they are looking for.

Greater choice

Compare and interact with various lenders to see which ones fit your organisation’s specific needs


Greater transparency

Greater transparency between you and lenders to help encourage lending.

greater efficiency

Through our one-click PDF report generator, you can prepare all your documents for lenders instantansiously.

Greater flexibility

With the power of cloud-driven architecture, you access all your information wherever you want.